Fanfest 2017 - Live Stream | EVE Online

Fanfest 2017 - Live Stream

2017-03-29 - By CCP Mimic

Greetings Capsuleers!

Just a few short days to go and Fanfest will be upon us! As the Reykjavik office gets everything prepared for our epic celebrations of all things EVE, the o7 crew are hard at work making sure that all of you at home can get as much of that magical Fanfest-feel as possible on our live stream.

Player and Developer Presenters

No Fanfest stream is complete without player hosts. This year the EVE TV crew will be joined by:

Drechlas, the Great Bearded fundraising personality who helped host in 2015

Alliance Tournament commentator, Taylor Swift Fanboi, and duet crooning legend, Elise Randolph

J Mcclain, Founder of the military veteran community and support network Best Of Us

Crossing Zebras Editor in Chief and returning Eve TV host, Niden

Tatius Jorgstern (more commonly known as Reload) streamer, YouTuber and all round great guy

On screen you’ll also be entertained and informed by a great host of devs: CCP Antiquarian, CCP Guard, CCP Lebowski, CCP Logibro, CCP Mimic, CCP Shadowcat,  and CCP Sledgehammer

And we’ve also grown the team to make this year extra special, so let me introduce the devs that are involved behind the scenes: CCP ArnarV, CCP Falcon, CCP Leeloo, CCP Nova, CCP Tara, and CCP Turtlepower

But of course none of this would be possible without our great audience…YOU!

You can make this year’s Fanfest stream even better by taking part in all that will be going on from the comfort of home. We’ll be offering you ways to get all the essential and exciting development news and announcements as well as hang out with your space friends in Twitch chat, get to know the people behind the names as we talk to all your favorite dev and player personalities. Why not subscribe to our Twitch channel to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Stream Schedule

We’ll be bringing you live coverage of the main presentations and keynotes throughout the event and will have all the content available on YouTube as soon as we have recovered from Saturday’s Party at the Top of the World. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the content is available.

Our current stream schedule is:



Stream opens - o7 at Fanfest 2017


Welcome Ceremony


EVE Online Keynote




Stream starts


Game Balance


Game Design Panel


Project Discovery - Exoplanets with Michel Mayor


Project Discovery Review


EVE Graphics & VFX




Phenomenal PvE




Stream starts


New Player Experience


EVE Art 2016 Recap


EVE: Valkyrie - Roadmap


Live Concept Art


Dev & Player AMA


The Dirty Secrets of Trillionaires


Dev & Player AMA


EVE_NT: Events and EVEsports


Closing Ceremony

How To Take Part

As we mentioned before, there will be Live discussions with players and developers throughout the broadcast and on Saturday we will be trying something new by having several AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions using YOUR questions right from chat, so be sure to look out for details as those sessions get closer.

We have lots of competitions, giveaways and ways for you to be a part of Fanfest through Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The stream is completely FREE and will be streamed in HD.

We can’t wait to share Fanfest with you. See you on the set!

CCP Mimic, on behalf of a very excited EVE TV team.