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Fanfest Tournament Sign up!

2006-11-02 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

For those going to FanFest, you can now sign up for either the CCG tournament or EVE Online tournament here. Remember that you cannot sign up for both tournaments. They happen simultaneously and players will not have time to compete in both. There are a total of 64 slots open in the CCG tournament, and 128 for the PvP tournament.

Sign-ups will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

CCG Tournament
Subject: FanFest CCG Championship

In this email you must include your full name, and your FanFest confirmation code. When you show up at the CCG tournament, you will need to fill out a deck list and submit it to tournament officials. More information can be found here.

EVE Online Tournament
Subject: FanFest Tournament

In this email you must include your FanFest confirmation code and your in-game name. Rules and discussions for this tournament can be found here.

Alliance Tournament
Taking place on the first two weekends of December. The sign-ups will start this week and last for ten days. Please see the events forum for more information.