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Federation rewards charitable organisation

2005-09-29 - By Svarthol

The Eve Relief Effort Corporation, renowned for their charitable nature, have recently been awarded an Obelisk class freighter by the Gallente Federation.

"...For a kindness, sincerity and drive that every Gallente citizen should strive towards," said Thuire Dercoucon, speaking on behalf of President Foiritan at the award ceremony.

Efficient as always, the ERE have already put their new freighter to good use. The massive transport ship was spotted moving from Algogille to Bei, aided by a formidable 16 industrial ships, pod-piloted, and a second freighter, also pod-piloted.

Luckily, the trip was an uneventful one and everyone arrived safely at Bei to distribute their gifts of food, water and medicine to the impoverished Minmatar of the system.