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Federation Supreme Court rules on minority laws

2003-12-12 - By Svarthol

The Gallentean Supreme Court today sent a clear message to the Senate when it made a ruling on the high profile case of Trakhan Rislander, a Gallentean citizen of Minmatar origin. Rislander had sued the University of Caille when his application was turned down, and the Supreme Court has now ruled that UC was wrong in doing this under the old minority laws, dating since the Minmatar Rebellion when millions of Minmatars poured into the Federation in search of better life. This is the first time that the Supreme Court has had to rule on these laws and this should rejuvenate them, as they've been more or less ignored in recent years. Rislander has released a statement expressing his delight at the ruling, which emphasizes the need for positive discrimination to give underprivileged minority groups the same opportunities as others. However, a spokesman for the Senate has expressed his disappointment over the decision, stating that this will cost the Federation billions and only act to further antagonize the relations between the Gallentean majority and the minority groups.