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First Federal Defense Union Carrier Killed

2008-06-26 - By Svarthol

Heydieles - Federal Defence Union carrier class vessel destroyed.In the early hours of the 24th, the State Protectorate fleet commanded by Boromos engaged a Federal Defence Union fleet in the Heydieles system. "[The main Caldari] fleet was out in Old Man Star camping the Villore gate. They had about 80 people...I had intel that there was a 100 man Gallente fleet nearby so I started setting up a fleet to go back his ass I convoed [Boromos] and worked everything out, when I had about 40-50 specialized guys we headed out for Old Man Star."Once the Federal fleet saw that Boromos' fleet was coming they tried to escape and ended up running straight into the trap that had been set by the Fleet Commander.Once they were fully engaged and taking down the numerous Federal vessels a cyno field was opened and a Thanatos was 'hot dropped' onto the State Protectorate fleet.Boromos instantly called the Thanatos as the primary target and the carrier pilot seeing and recognising the FC's name on his overview returned the favour. "He soon saw me and sent all his fighters on my cerb and I popped, while I was out I made sure everyone stayed on the the carrier while I picked up another ship" explained Boromos. "I flew to the station and picked up a Kestrel and fitted it out with everything in the station I could and went back and kept calling primary's and stayed on the carrier." It did not take long for the carrier to destroy Boromos' Kestrel, "I got popped again, got another Kestrel and went right back out and called more primary's. The carrier finally went pop and we cleared the rest of the Gallente fleet, scooped the loot and headed home."So once again the State Protectorate show that they are the chosen people of New Eden.