First Player Speakers Announced For EVE Vegas 2017! | EVE Online

First Player Speakers Announced For EVE Vegas 2017!

2017-07-03 - By CCP Falcon

We're incredibly happy to announce our first two player speakers for EVE Vegas 2017!

This year, EVE Vegas will be hosted at The Linq Hotel & Casino, and is now officially the biggest EVE Vegas in New Eden's history.

To start the lineup, we'll have presentations from Matterall, of Talking In Stations fame, as well as His Holiness Max Singularity.

We're also happy to announce that these two illustrious gentlemen will be joined by Permaband, who'll be performing live for EVE Vegas attendees during celebrations at the event.

In addition to this, we'll also have a selection of developers from CCP Iceland with us, who'll be hosting presentations and roundtables about upcoming content and gameplay that's coming to New Eden both with our winter expansion and in future.

Like the banner at the top says, if you haven't got your tickets for EVE Vegas 2017 yet, be sure to pick them up soon!

They're selling out fast, and this is already the biggest EVE Vegas we've ever seen.

Check out the EVE Vegas website for more details!