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First updates to the Shiva feature pages

2004-07-29 - By CCP Oveur

Just published some updates to the Shiva feature pages, we're nearing the feature freeze, the place in time where we finalize what features will be in Shiva. We then start crunching code which takes us to a code freeze or release candidate stage, where features that are not ready are cut and the team is focused on rinsing out the bugs. That finally determines what will be in the initial launch of Shiva (We still need a name for the expansion btw). You will be able to follow the whole thing on our new massive Shiva test cluster, able to hold 1000 concurrent players.

Well, on to the Shiva stuff. Ships got updated with some new screenshots and updated text. Battlecruiser are only going to be available to me. And maybe those with high standing towards the Oveur Empire. Maybe. UI also got a small update, added Aggression and Contraband with the CONCORD memorandum on laws in Empire space, added Market Improvements, screens coming at a later date and last but not least the Helper Applications were added.

More Shiva pages will get updated over the next week, they are still a work in progress, you can still get your say on them in the Shiva Design Forum. In other news, we got some minor client optimizations through and are starting to assemble the next Castor patch (more on that later), billing - especially hybrid cards and PayPal - are big problems and we're working hard on getting this fixed. Oh, and Winterblink started Nature Vraie, looking forward to it. He also does Warp Drive Active which you should read.