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Five Pilgrim Ships Return From The Wilds

2008-09-14 - By Svarthol

Gelfiven – Against all odds, five of the ships missing for weeks in the Great Wildlands have returned to Republic space. The five surviving vessels are the last known members of the large pilgrimage that entered the Great Wildlands weeks ago in search of the Minmatar Elders.

The large but vastly underprepared convoy left Republic space weeks ago and shortly thereafter all contact with them was lost. In the ensuing weeks, hope of survivors faded as evidence mounted that the fleet had been completely destroyed.

The arrival of the battered remnants of the pilgrimage is bittersweet however, for though the families of the survivors are overwhelmed with relief, the survivors themselves have confirmed there can be no further hope for those still missing.

Captain Lars Juncliffe, appointed spokeswoman for the group, spoke briefly to the media upon docking in Gelfiven. Captain Juncliffe stated that while she can't be absolutely sure there are no other survivors; she suspects that no other ships from the convoy remain intact.

Captain Juncliffe declined to answer any questions detailing her group’s survival, assuring the media present that the story will be given in full once her crew and compatriots have had a chance to rest.