Follow-up Blog: Bugs site improvements | EVE Online

Follow-up Blog: Bugs site improvements

2007-07-18 - By CCP Tanis

Well as promised in my previous blog we have a slew more upgrades to the bug reporting system. based on your feedback and suggestions we have made the following upgrades, which are now live:


There are now 6 basic categories that you can select to submit your bug report under. Below is a list of the categories as well as a general list of what would be covered by each category:

  • Technical

    • Audio
    • Crashes
    • EVE Voice
    • Exceptions/Errors
    • Installation & Patching
    • Performance
  • Game Mechanics

    • Character Sheet
    • Chat & Mail
    • Contracts & Market
    • Corporations/Alliances
    • Exploits
    • Graphics (models and textures)
    • Science and Industry
    • Stations
    • Player Owned Structures (Starbases)
    • Ships & Modules
  • UI

    • IGB
    • Translations (Localization)
    • Map & Scanner
    • Overview
    • Spelling/Grammar
  • PVE

    • Agents
    • NPCs
    • Exploration
    • COSMOS
    • Complexes
  • Tutorial (NPE)

    • Aura
    • Tutorials
    • Rookie missions
    • Other tutorial issues
  • Website & Forums

    • Account Management
    • API
    • Forums
    • Other Web Issues
  • Other

"My Bug Reports" view.

There is a new link when you visit the bugs site, "My Bug reports" which allows you to view all bug reports you have submitted using the account you logged in with.

Here's what it looks like:


This view lists the title of the Bug, it's current status, and when it was reported. Very soon we will also add a column that will show, assuming that the Bug Report you submitted was either made into a defect or added to an existing defect, which patch your bug was fixed in!

And last, but certainly not least...

Edit your Bug Reports

It is now possible to re-open and edit Bug Reports that you have submitted. This is done through the "My Bug Reports" page using the following steps:

1. Select the bug report you wish to edit

2. Select "Edit/Reopen bug report"

3. Make your changes

4. Press submit

Your bug report will then be updated in our system, this allows you to attach new or additional files as well as make corrections, add more information, or provide more details.

You can also close out your own bug reports now.. just in case you accidentaly submitted a duplicate, or realize that it's not really a bug.