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Former Star Fraction Director Accused of Control Tower Thefts

2010-03-09 - By Svarthol

Kamela, The Bleak Lands – The Star Fraction has been the victim of corporate theft with two towers worth over one billion isk being stolen by former director Misan Pal'taek, now a member of Loke's Shadow (a member corporation of Rote Kapelle), and two associates.

The Star Fraction member Jade Constantine described how the theft was conducted: “[Misan Pal'taek] employed two agents: the first was a tower gunner who actually did the unanchoring of our defense towers, he was named Taloc Tsukuyomi; he was aided by another of Misan's agents, an industrial pilot named Sevok Kurouto. All three are, [from now on, put on a 'Kill On Sight' list] by the Star Fraction and in time we will take our revenge against them.“

Jade Constantine explained that Kamela is an important staging point for The Star Fraction and key to their low-security system operations. She considers the loss of these towers less of an isk problem and more of a strategic issue as not only did the thief steal the towers, increasing the vulnerability of Star Fraction forces in the system, but also “[Misan Pal'taek] informed Sev3rance of this weak point. We struggled to replace the staging towers and were immediately attacked by Sev3rance and the CVA.”

Former The Star Fraction Director Misan Pal'taek commented “I had left an associate in The Star Fraction star base holder corporation, Hebog y Tan. He simply unanchored the two towers in Kamela, taking all the ammo and modules with some unnamed assistance,“ She firmly denied the alleged involvement with CVA and Sev3rance - “I never actively worked with any CVA forces. I currently am fighting several CVA [allies] nearby actually, Fidelas Constans and the past couple of weeks against Tread Alliance and Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive.“

Shortly after this event one of the allegedly-involved pilots was shot down by The Star Fraction, causing a allegations of hypocrisy regarding their NRDS policy. Star Fraction's public response was to state that shooting someone involved in an act of theft is clearly a case of valid hostility but calls for a public release of verifiable evidence continue.

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