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Former Ushra'Khan Members Regroup and Rename

2010-08-08 - By Svarthol

4B-NQN, Providence - At a time when Tarac Nor has expressed his wish to leave the past in the past, the former corporations of Ushra'Khan have moved on and created a new alliance.

Flying under the new name of Damu'Khonde [USHRA], the former corporations of Ushra'Khan have united and are looking to show that they are as strong as ever.

Emrys Ap'Morgravaine, diplomat for USHRA, revealed that the leadership not only remains intact but they have picked up past members too: "After a few days of excellent company with Circle-Of-Two, we have completed the transfer of most of our core corporations into the new alliance, along with some older very dear friends re-joining alongside."

As they move forward after the disbanding of Ushra'Khan, Emrys stated that there are new security measures in place so that a repeat situation "will not happen again."

Despite what has happened, Emrys claims that confidence is high even though they have had to begin a new alliance: "We are to a degree remarkably lucky. We haven't lost our sovreignty, we haven't lost our station."

In regards to HYDRA, they now consider them to be "blood enemies" and Emrys revealed that they "look forward to seeing them on the battlefield".

Emrys did not have anything to say about Tarac Nor, but instead finished with a moment of contemplation: "All of the members of Damu'Khonde hold a great deal of affection for the Ushra'Khan name, and that history will be treasured always."

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