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Freighter Changes Coming In Kronos

2014-06-02 - By CCP Logibro

As detailed in this Dev Blog, we’re making changes to freighters and jump freighters in the Kronos release, set for deployment at June 3rd. As part of these changes, freighters and jump freighters will be gaining low slots and losing some base cargo capacity to compensate.

If a freighter has a full cargo bay in space before the patch downtime, it may find itself overloaded after the deployment. This can lead to some restrictions on certain activities until the cargo is reduced below max capacity.

We advise all freighter pilots to either log out inside a station before this patch or to ensure that their freighter or jump freighter has plenty of free cargo space. If you do happen to run into problems and need assistance after Kronos has been deployed, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support by filing a ticket under the ‘Stuck Characters’ category and our friendly GM Team will do their best to help you out.