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From One Monthly Report To Two - MER & MSR!

2019-08-23 - By CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that alongside the release of the MER (Monthly Economic Report), we'll be kicking off the release of the new MSR (Monthly Security Report), in order to keep pilots up to date with the latest goings on with account security and the never ending war against botting, RMT and account hacking.

Historically, we've given security updates in the Quarterly Security Report, the last of which was published for Q1 2019 (you can find it here).

We feel that more transparency will be achieved with more regular and direct updates, so we've decided to move these reports to a monthly cadence alongside the MER.

The last couple of Monthly Economic Reports have been a little late in getting to the digital presses due to summer vacations here at CCP, however we're back on cadence as of the release of the July MER and the new July MSR today.

You can find the two July reports here:

If you have any comments related to the MER, or the new MSR, feel free to drop them in the relevant comments thread which is linked at the top of each of the blogs!