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Frontlines Wargame on Singularity

2022-10-25 - By EVE Online Team

Combative capsuleers,

The Uprising expansion – a major new narrative-driven update for EVE Online – is coming in November and brings with it the biggest overhaul to Factional Warfare that New Eden has ever seen. The arrival of Frontlines will be a big change to how the empires' militias compete for control of the warzones on Tranquility.

To encourage participation during the testing period on Singularity and thereby obtain as much valuable feedback as possible on this new feature we are hosting a Frontlines Wargame on the Singularity test server with some cool rewards to be granted on Tranquility for individual capsuleers and player corporations who distinguish themselves!

The wargame will commence at 14:00 UTC on 26 October when Singularity becomes accessible to players after the initial state of the Amarr/Minmatar warzone on Singularity is set up and it will conclude at 14:00 UTC on 4 November when Singularity will be taken offline and analysis of the outcome will begin.

There will also be a livestream on CCP TV today, 25 October at 16:00 UTC where CCP Aurora and CCP Swift will go over all the changes coming to Factional Warfare and the content first shown at EVE Vegas last week. For details about the wargame refer to this forum post.


The Frontlines Wargame on Singularity will take place in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone only. By confining the wargame to a single warzone we hope to maximize participation in one place and make monitoring the progress of the event easier.

Factions don't matter for the purposes of this contest, though, and so within the context of this wargame on Singularity the Amarr militia will simply be regarded as the "Blue Force" and the Minmatar will be the "Red Force". So, if you're a proud Gallente or loyal Caldari on Tranquility, you don't need to feel bad about fighting for the Empire or the Republic on Singularity.

On the day the wargame commences, control of all systems in the warzone on Singularity will be evenly divided between the militias.


As this is just a wargame which is primarily to help with testing this new feature, you're a winner just by taking part. That said, we realize EVE players won't be content with mere platitudes, and so the militia with control over the most systems in the warzone at the conclusion of the testing period will be declared the winner of the wargame.

There will also be compelling rewards for individual capsuleers AND corporations for both sides who distinguish themselves in the warzone during the wargame period, regardless of the final outcome.

We appreciate any time capsuleers can dedicate towards helping test the Frontlines feature on Singularity. This wargame will be a great opportunity for you to dip your toe into a potentially new and exciting space vocation in New Eden!

For those participating in the wargame who would like to provide feedback on their experience, the team would welcome contributions to this thread on the official EVE Online forums.

We look forward to seeing where the first Frontlines emerge on Singularity! Let's make Frontlines the best it can be.


Additionally, an update to the Dynamic Bounty System (DBS) mentioned at EVE Vegas has gone live today on EVE Online’s Tranquility server! The minimum payout for the DBS has risen from 50% to 100 %, meaning that ISK rewards for pirate hunting in Nullsec will now be higher.

Until 30 November, there will be a bonus 10% payout - making the minimum payout 110% for the whole month - which represents a significant increase in payout for blasting NPCs, so get out there and bring in some bounties! Changes will take place during the DBS updates, so solar systems with modifiers below the floor may take some time to adjust.

Whether you´re participating in the wargame on Singularity or checking out the new DBS changes on Tranquility it's an exciting time in space.

Fly Safe!