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Further EVE Launcher changes: coming to a test server near you

2013-04-08 - By CCP Atropos

We on Team Special Circumstances have been reviewing the feedback that a lot of you provided to our previous devblog by CCP Aporia. As a follow up to this, we’re hoping to deploy a testable version of the EVE Launcher to Singularity within the next week, so that we can start testing the changes we’re making, in a live and stressful environment!

Further to our original devblog, we’re altering the stated plans for how we download the EVE client, so that rather than migrating to the BitTorrent protocol and technology as we initially envisioned, we’re going to be using the HTTP/1.1 method for downloading (similar to how the currently released EVE Launcher performs).   We will be including some additional “under the hood” tweaks to the HTTP/1.1 method that we hope will help those suffering from issues downloading, but we want to review the data first before committing to those changes. Hopefully this will mean those downloading on university networks and behind restrictive firewalls will still be able to download, without having to worry about annoying your nearest sysadmin.

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