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Gallente Elections – A Planetside perspective

2005-09-27 - By Svarthol

From the beginning of the Gallente election campaign, the three candidates and their delegates have been working tirelessly to win the favour of the voting public. Despite numerous setbacks in the initial months of the election process, Souro Foiritan and his two rivals Eman Autrech and Mentas Blaque have chosen their emissaries from the most capable and enterprising of the capsuleer elite that the Gallente Federation has to offer; and are now focusing their colossal political machines on the main populace of the Federation.

Over the past few months, the vast metropolises and cities on thousands of worlds across the Gallente Federation have come under siege from all sides as delegates from the three camps battle for the attention of potential voters. Rallies, speeches, and fundraisers have become a common and almost daily occurrence on the streets of these cities; and even public broadcasting stations have been taken over as the candidates utilise every medium possible get the most coverage, all the while exchanging their smear campaigns and attempts at character assassination with one another.

Through this lengthy election process the public is beginning to feel the pressure. As one citizen pointed out, “You can’t even step outside without being accosted by one person or another trying to get your vote, and it's just as bad at home - every broadcasting channel has one politician or another yapping on and on about the election. It’s ridiculous.”

The candidates themselves have also been hard at work, having spent the last month touring the Federation’s key systems and holding debates on important issues within the Federation. The most recent debate, held at the foot of the Gallente-Caldari war memorial in the city of Hueromont, saw Blaque and Foiritan come to blows over the recent theft of a Gallente Navy Titan - a matter in which Blaque criticised Foiritan and his administration greatly for “weakening the Federation through meek indecisiveness”.

Though the election has largely dropped from public view in the last few months with regard to the space bound citizens of the Federation, market analysts have noticed an increased demand for certain commodities in several regions where the planetside election campaigns are most concentrated.