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Get 50% off Omega + MCT

2023-10-05 - By EVE Online Team

Fearless capsuleers,

As the horrors of the Crimson Harvest dawn, pilots can currently pick up bundles of Omega and Multiple character Training (MCT) with an unmissable 50% off the regular price, only at the EVE Store. It’s the perfect way to reap more from New Eden’s scariest season.

Omega supercharges your New Eden ambitions by giving you access to more and bigger ships, double skill training speed, advanced skills, and many other gains. MCT, meanwhile, allows you to train multiple characters simultaneously, empowering you to spread your influence while doing more.

Pick up one of the following bundles with 50% off the regular price in the EVE Store by 10 October to rejuvenate your potential:

  • 1M Omega + 2M MCT

  • 3M Omega + 6M MCT

  • 6M Omega + 12M MCT

  • 12M Omega + 24M MCT

If you need to learn how to set up your first alts or more about MCT, you can check our guide to creating an alternative character today.