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Get jacked in the for the holidays with the Genolution CA-1

2011-12-01 - By CCP Hekatonkheires

Greetings Capsuleers,

You might have seen the recent news item about the free implants coming to EVE this winter with Crucible. The first of these implants, the Genolution CA-1 is inbound very shortly. Everyone with an active paid account on Nov29th through Dec 2nd Dec 5th will get one to redeem for their character. Pilots on trial accounts will not receive an implant, but are of course welcome to join the party before the giveaway ends.

This implant is the first of two in a set, with the second one arriving in December. You’ll notice they have both an attribute bonus and a skill hardwiring one, so don't miss out. They’ll come in handy when you‘re obliterating your foes with your brand new Tier 3 Battlecruiser.

The modestly titled “Core Augmentation” implant set was developed by Genolution with the assistance of implantation specialists and other leaders in the field of neural augmentation, some of whom have long been rumored to be SoCT alumni.

The CA-1 is a rarity in the often hyper-specialized industry of neural augmentation. It provides a dual function; tapping into both the occipital lobe for a perception boost, and also the neocortex, for improving the brain’s handling of a ship’s energy and capacitor needs. Like the infamous pirate implant sets found on capsuleer markets, each implant is also designed to work at higher levels when integrated into a neural implant network. 

Though many in the augmentation industry initially questioned the agenda behind Genolution’s entry into the implantation field, fears eventually subsided as the implant was shown to be one of the safest on record. Genolution went one step further to assuage fears however and vowed never to release the implant to open markets, providing only a single-run issue to capsuleers as a
demonstration of the technology.

Technical specifications:

Hardwiring - Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1

  • Slot 1
  • Boosts perception by 3
  • Provides +1.5% powergrid bonus
  • Provides +1.5% capacitor amount bonus
  • Implant set bonus: 50%

As with all item giveaways, we intend these items to be a nice bonus for people actively playing EVE. Therefore, we will be vigilant in monitoring creative attempts to farm these items, and take action on a case to case basis.


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