Get Ready for Anger Games 5 | EVE Online

Get Ready for Anger Games 5

2022-05-24 - By EVE Online Team

Competitive capsuleers,

The Anger Games returns to EVE in its fifth iteration! This community-ran PvP tournament kicks off on 28 May with 32 teams going head-to-head in a double elimination 7v7 arena format. In double elimination, losing teams drop to a lower bracket, fighting to stay in for a chance to win. If you’re a fan of tournament PvP then you don’t want to miss this as it kicks off this Saturday at 17:00 UTC!

You can watch the Anger Games over on CCP TV so don’t miss out on your chance to see it live with thousands of other spectators. Every team will be playing on the first night (Saturday) and on Sunday. Lucky teams will play on towards a gripping final on 12 June at 19:00 UTC. The schedule is below, and you can find the full bracket on Challonge.

Weekend 1

  • 28 May – Round 1 (Stream starting 16:45 UTC, matches start 17:00)
  • 29 May – Winners Bracket Round 2 & Losers Brackets Round 1 (Stream starting 16:45 UTC, matches start 1700)

Weekend 2

  • 4 June – Winners Bracket Round 3 & Losers Brackets Round 2 (Stream Starting 17:00 UTC, matches start at 17:15)
  • 5 June – Losers Brackets Round 3 & 4 (Stream Starting 17:00 UTC, matches start at 17:15)

Weekend 3

  • 11 June – Winners Bracket Round 4, Losers Brackets Round 5-7 (Stream Starting 17:00 UTC, matches start at 17:15)
  • 12 June – Semifinals, Losers Bracket Finals, and Grand Finals (Stream starting 16:45 UTC, matches start 17:00)

The finals will feature a new “Rolling Conquest” ban system, where the team that was victorious in a preceding round will not be able to feature the same ships that they previously used, but do not carry over to subsequent matches.

You can find the rest of the rules here.

All teams entered the tournament with a 2,500 PLEX entry fee which has been added to a grand prize pool alongside additional CCP contributions such as the Mordus Triumphant Elite SKINs. Of course, there’s more than just prize money to be won here, with the title of victor tasting all the sweeter for the team that works hard to claim it.

This is the fifth time the Anger Games has returned as an annual event so if you want to take it that step further then join the Anger Games Discord and be the first to know about the next iteration of this exciting series. Teams are always looking for pilots and anyone is free to submit their teams to the games or join a team as a single pilot.

And for some lighter PvP action, a set of Abyssal Proving Grounds will be running throughout the duration of the games, so keep an eye on EVE News for more! If you can look away from the Anger Games, that is.