Get ready for Winter Nexus 2023 | EVE Online

Get ready for Winter Nexus 2023

2023-11-28 - By EVE Online Team

Chilly capsuleers,

The Winter Nexus festival is coming on 5 December, bringing with it a cornucopia of gifts, games and glory. Multiple snowy metaliminal storms will travel around the cluster, turning New Eden into a winter wonderland filled with Yoiul challenges that allow pilots to earn sensational rewards. Now is the time to start preparing for Winter Nexus, so get your ships and fits ready. You can get inspiration from last year’s fit recommendations on EVE Workbench, and in addition there are guides from last year that can serve as good preparation. Look for “EVE Online Winter Nexus” on YouTube or Reddit to find a wealth of information from other pilots.


Inside the stunning snowstorms capsuleers will find Sansha combat and exploration hacking sites, as well as a special Yoiul resource site. Completing these challenges leads to amazing rewards in the form of SKINs and lucrative loot drops. In addition, special buff effects will improve thermal resistances and allow players to overheat modules longer within the storm systems.


Every day that pilots take on the winter storms brings its own activities and rewards. Log in every day of Winter Nexus and receive wonderful treats such as festive new SKINs, fireworks, and filaments, as well as 125,000 SP for Alphas and 525,000 SP for Omegas, who can claim both the Alpha and Omega rewards. These new SKINs are from the Aurora Universalis line and will include beautiful styles for a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, and carrier for each empire, in addition to a skin for the Nestor, the Kikimora, the Barghest, and more. Make sure you take flight every day during Winter Nexus, so you don’t miss out on any of the rewards.


Winter Nexus is a fantastic way to end the year on a high note, but of course there’s already plenty of action going down in the cluster, with pirate insurgencies, corruption, and chaos spreading throughout New Eden. The Havoc expansion brought with it plenty of action, new ships to fly, and ample opportunity for capsuleers to clash in the fight for or against corruption, and it will continue to sow chaos well into the new year and beyond. The action continues in Winter Nexus, and you can even use the wealth of available Skill Points to train the skills needed to fly the new Angel Titan.

Put on your winter SKINs, capsuleers, and get ready to brave the storms and take on the festive challenges coming up. We will see you in the snow!

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