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Get Your Fleet On!

2021-02-12 - By CCP Convict

UPDATE: This event has now passed and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Spectre Fleet for running the fleet and everyone who showed up to make some explosions. You can watch the VOD of the stream here.

Earlier this week the first quadrant of 2021 – Reign – got underway. It brought with it a long-requested feature in the form of an enhanced fleet finder which you can read about in the Fleet Discovery news item.

The new fleet finder tool is great for NPSI (Not Purple, Shoot It) communities and so this weekend CCP will be teaming up with Spectre Fleet to run a public NPSI fleet specifically aimed at new players or just players new to PvP! If you’ve been curious about trying out PvP in EVE this is a great low stress, low cost way to get started. You’ll have dozens of fleet mates to learn the ropes with and some excellent leadership from Spectre Fleet’s seasoned fleet commanders. And you won’t need a lot of skill points or a lot of ISK to get involved.

CCP will be joining players in the fleet and streaming the event from our point of view on CCPTV, so if you can’t take part you can stlll tune in.

The fleet is currently scheduled to depart from Jita on Saturday, 13 February at 20:00 UTC. If you would like to participate in the fleet you should check out this thread on the EVE Online forums for updates and information about any preparations you’ll need to make before setting off. Fleet communications will be in English.

Spectre Fleet is one of EVE Online’s longest running NPSI communities who run regular public fleets and welcome capsuleers from all over New Eden to X up and get their shoot on.