Glorious updates for Jita 4-4 and Aura | EVE Online

Glorious updates for Jita 4-4 and Aura

2021-05-04 - By EVE Online Team

Aesthetic Capsuleers,

Two major visual updates are available now, with two of the most iconic slices of the EVE experience receiving considerable attention from the art team.

First up is the Jita 4-4 Trade Hub, New Eden’s busiest commodity exchange center, with the Jita Interior update. Having already had a significant architectural expansion recently, the hub interior will now be given cosmetic attention to match its new exterior grandeur. Jita 4-4’s new interior will be bigger and more beautiful than ever before, with plenty of subtle detail for the sharp-eyed Capsuleer to seek out whilst they trade.

But it’s not just the halls of commerce which are being decorated. Aura, constant companion for Capsuleers across the cluster, is getting an incredible new lease of life as well. The long-time favoured face of the AI for many new recruits during their early hours of training and beyond, Aura’s calm, comforting presence will now be rendered in full 3D for the first time. Not only that, she will also be fully lip-synched in English voiceover to provide even more believable advice and dry humour for pilots, making interactions feel like you’re talking to another Capsuleer.

Prepare your visual interfaces. EVE has never looked so beautiful. Check out the new updates in game.