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Trading Spaces - Jita Remastered

2020-11-10 - By CCP Dopamine

Trade-hungry Capsuleers,

The big unveiling of the new the Jita 4-4 Trade Hub in Caldari space is now close!

The Jita 4-4 renovation and expansion project provides much needed additional space and specialist facilities for the many corporations that operate out of the station. As Jita continues to be the busiest trade hub in all of New Eden, its renovation is to be celebrated in-game with a daily login event and a series of parades across Highsec with challenges.

Daily rewards consist of a new set of special Jita Celebration Fireworks, and Capsuleers can get SKINs and apparel from the parade challenges!

Capsuleers should be aware that they will need to update their existing bookmarks around the Jita 4-4 station, as due to the size and undock points of the renovated station, their bookmarks will no longer be valid.

There will be a CCPTV art stream on 10 November discussing the changes to Jita, Supercarriers and more, so be sure to catch that on Twitch.