2023-10-20 - By EVE Online Team

Masterful capsuleers,

Once a year, EVE Game Masters (GMs) take to the sky and throw down in New Eden for an entire week. This year’s GM week is almost upon us, running from 23 - 27 October, featuring favorite events from previous years, along with a few new twists as always. EVE GMs are cooking up a variety of in-game happenings, contests, streams, prizes, and other shenanigans, so jump in, meet the GMs who maintain the world of EVE and join the celebrations! Furthermore, this year’s GM Week coincides with Crimson Harvest, meaning the traditional gifts and assets the GMs bring with them will be even more likely to drop!

In-Game Activity

GMs will be actively present in New Eden throughout the week on various help channels, as well as in person aboard impressive & aspirational ships. They can be found across various starter, career agent, and Sisters of EVE Epic Arc systems, engaging with players and answering questions in chat – marked by their signature red text!


Whack-a-Bot/GM - Yulai - 23 October at 16:30 UTC

Traditionally, one of the most popular activities of GM week has been the super fun Whack-a-Bot event, where pilots have gotten the chance to bring their wrath down on bots in Capital and Super-Capital ships. In a whopper of a first-world problem, Team Security has been so effective of late that the pool of bots to whack is now virtually non-existent. As such, the Whack-a-Bot event will be laid to rest and replaced with ships populated by Game Masters, old and new, giving capsuleers a chance to score some juicy loot and even juicier corpses over in Yulai again this year!

GM & ISD Fleet - 26 October at 17:00 UTC

The GM and ISD fleet will take off on their annual epic roam into the unknown on 26 October. Normally the fleet has been commanded by BjornBee, and these romps have always been a hoot. This year, however, we are recruiting a new streaming partner to FC them to greatness. Don’t miss a second of this fun-filled misadventure.

Orbital Stash

Seek out easy-to-find containers across the cluster, in a treasure hunt of epic proportions. Each stash will be named with an EVE-related riddle and accessible only by inputting the correct answer as a passcode! All answers will be in lower-case to avoid confusion.

The Orbital stashes will also become comfortable streams with pretty backgrounds. Tune in to see the soothing colors, take a breath, and relax a little before you shoot off to locate the containers and reap the rewards.

Scavenger Hunt

Put your detective hats on, capsuleers, and start gathering clues to the locations of pesky GMs, hiding in various places around New Eden. Keep your eyes peeled, as various hints will be dropped both onstream and through in-game channels. Hunt down Game Masters and you’ll be rewarded with handsome goodies.

Armed Piñata Hunt

A GM might suddenly appear in your neck of New Eden carrying lots of loot - PLEX, SKINs, and fun vanity items! The caveat is that they will not surrender their prize until they explode, and they WILL shoot first. Get ready for some epic PVG (player vs GM) action, and some truly epic loot!


GM week sees some super-fun contests with lots of goodies to win, open for submissions until 27 October at 23:59 UTC. Keep an eye on the forums and the official EVE Discord for more information!

Action All Week Long

Each of these events will run for the entire duration of the GM week celebrations, so no matter where or when you play, you’re certain to find something fun to participate in!

We can’t wait to share another bombastic and action-packed GM week with you all.

See you in space!