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Goonswarm Advances Through BND-16

2008-06-14 - By Svarthol

BND-16 – Earlier this week, Goonswarm launched an attack on the BND-16 system. After knocking out the cynosural jammer in the system, they proceeded to destroy enemy towers around the various moons. Smash Alliance and ROADKILL attempted to stop the assault, but the system was firmly in Goonswarm's hands as of this writing.

The fighting in BND-16 started as small skirmishes and escalated to large-scale engagements over the course of several days. Gaining a foothold in the system allowed them to jump in their support and several capital ships, including three Titans.

In a failed attempt to take out a newly deployed Goonswarm tower, ROADKILL lost three capital ships; a Moros and two Phoenixes. Losses on the Goonswarm side are unknown at this time.

ROADKILL and Smash Alliance retaliated by attacking at LXQ2-T and deploying a Titan in UBX-CC. Sources in ROADKILL say the attack at LXQ2-T was to draw Goonswarm into a large-scale battle. LXQ2-T is the site of a jump bridge for Goonswarm and was targeted for this reason. The Titan deployed in UBX-CC, which holds the ROADKILL jump bridge, was mainly in system for defense.

Avenguard of ROADKILL had this to say, ‘BND-16 isn't of strategic importance to be honest. For them its a sovereign 4 system they have taken, along with BWF-ZZ and 8MG-J6, but it's also the easiest one we have to conquer. BWF-ZZ had too many moons to defend and after that fell, 8MG-J6 was not defendable. It has only one gate to BWF-ZZ and too many moons. After that, BND-16 was isolated and again has many moons. For Goonswarm it’s a great victory but in all honesty it gives them a foothold that’s about it.’

‘The wars just begun we have enemies on all sides and our allies are on thin ground - what more can you ask for? If we win we're heroes, if we lose it’s expected,’ Avenguard said.

Goonswarm representative agreed that BND-16 had no strategic value for them other than being the last sovereign 4 system in the Geminate Region.

‘We intend to make Geminate a [place where all new pod pilots] can roam free.’ The Goonswarm representative was quoted as saying.

Goonswarm was unavailible for additional comments at the time of this writing.