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Grand Admiral Pleads Guilty, Execution is Next Week

2009-03-04 - By Svarthol

Ardishapur Prime – Einkur Aro, former Grand Admiral of the Ammatar Fleet, was sentenced to death this week after pleading guilty to all charges leveled against him, including dereliction of duty, failure to prevent mutiny, and treason. Yonis Ardishapur and five Theology Council Justices oversaw his plea.

The proceedings began with presiding Justice Fimin reading the charges against Admiral Aro. Most legal experts anticipated a non-guilty plea, but the former Admiral plead otherwise. Strong protests to this plea arose from those in attendance; the courtroom held a mixture of retired Ammatar Fleet officers and relatives of Fleet Invasion victims.

Yonis Ardishapur, upon demanding order, asked Admiral Aro to explain his plea. The Admiral responded calmly. "The Ammatar Fleet was reduced to such a state of unreadiness through my own incompetence," Aro stated. "I alone should take the blame for its failures." He declined to speak any further or offer any defense of himself.

Heir Adishapur and the five Justices retired to deliberate. They reconvened after only ten minutes. Justice Fimin read the verdict and punishment: Grand Admiral Einkur Aro’s sentence was death, and his family are to be enslaved. According to the terms, the punishment will begin in one week's time at the Ammatar Fleet headquarters in the Sasta system.

Admiral Aro had no visible reaction to the sentencing as Adrishapur Family guards escorted him from the courtroom. While a few in the gallery raised objections to the sentencing, most remained orderly.