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Great Wildlands pilgrimage convoy missing

2008-08-15 - By Svarthol

One of the largest convoys taking part in the pilgrimage to find the Elders has been reported as missing, igniting rumours of a humanitarian disaster in the Great Wildlands.

A convoy of ships left the borders of the Minmatar Republic over two weeks ago in the hope of joining the Elders. Despite numerous warnings, the travellers are believed to have been light on defences; a seemingly poor decision given the well-known danger of the lawless region. Although back home relatives and friends are hoping that it is simply a communications failure, as the days turn into weeks, they are beginning to fear the worst.

Mafet Hapstak, older sister of one of the pilgrims was preparing herself for bad news. "I told my brother that it was foolish for him to go. He has had little in the way of formal training, and if I am totally honest I don't think he really knew what he was getting himself into. He has always been easily led, and probably thought this was some kind of romantic adventure he was going on. His friends haven't helped either, but you know what young men are like, always seeking thrills and never thinking things through. I hope everything turns out all right, but I am starting to really worry about him."

For many years, the region has been classified as zero security space by CONCORD, despite the Thukker Tribe holding sovereignty over a large area of it. In addition to unaffiliated pirates and criminals, the Great Wildlands is known to be infested with operatives for the ruthless Angel Cartel, and has been the scene of many wars as various Capsuleer factions have attempted to dominate the region.