Happy Anniversary! EVE is 11 Today! | EVE Online

Happy Anniversary! EVE is 11 Today!

2014-05-06 - By CCP Falcon

It's been a long road to get this far, with many ups and downs, thousands of battles fought, millions of Jita traders scammed, and an epic decade of history that resonates through the hearts and minds of everyone who has touched EVE Online in the last 11 years.

From CCP, to all our loyal and dedicated players out there, we'd like to wish you a Happy 11th anniversary!

In your redeeming systems on character selection, you'll find a small token of our gratitude, three Gecko superheavy drones designed by the Guristas and sporting more damage, more durability and more striking power than any drone ever released before.

Over the coming days, you'll have the chance to unlock a further eight of these drones for each player on Tranquility, totalling 11, by completing a number of challenges as a collective community. 

Fly dangerous into the Second Decade, and keep your eyes on the news for further details on how you can unlock more Geckos over the course of the next week.