Happy Lunar New Year | EVE Online

Happy Lunar New Year

2023-01-19 - By EVE Online Team

Attention capsuleers,

Get ready for Lunar New Year celebrations in New Eden! From 19 to 31 January, all players can take advantage of daily login rewards, including Serenity ship SKINs, boosters and Skill Points, and more. Don't miss out on the red star orbital stash hunt, where you can uncover even more exciting prizes – Stay tuned on social media. On 20 January, tune in for the community team roam on CCPTV at 15:00 UTC, join us in celebrating the Year of the Rabbit!


Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with exclusive deals and offers for capsuleers! Get a head start on the new year with these special offers.

The EVE Store is offering two special packs that are unique to the Lunar New Year festivities, the Red Stargazer Pack and the Lunar Festival Pack. The Red Stargazer Pack includes 30 days of Omega time, 500 PLEX, Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, 1 Skill Extractor, and stunning Red Stargazer SKINs for your Bhaalgorn, Machariel, Rattlesnake, or Marshal. Furthermore, the Red Stargazer SKINs will display specific visual effects whenever a PvP kill is made by your ship, and they are affected by subsequent kills and ship speed too - a first in EVE!

Meanwhile, the Lunar Festival Pack includes 8 days Omega time, 50 PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, Basic 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, Vexor Navy Issue Empyrean Dragons SKIN, Men's and Women's Empyrean Dragons Jacket and fireworks.

Available in the NES, a return of the Dragon Phoenix SKINs with a 30% discount. Gila, Brutix, Ishtar, and Cerberus Dragon Phoenix SKINs can all be acquired separately or in the Dragon Phoenix Bundle which also includes the Crimson Phoenix and Vermillion Dragon Facial Augmentations.

These offers are only available during the Lunar New Year celebrations, so don’t miss out!


Simplified Chinese is now live on Tranquility server, catering to the Chinese speaking community and honoring their invaluable contributions to New Eden's history. Union Pay has also been added as a payment processor to provide better service to this player base.

Lunar New Year is a magical time for stargazing, enjoying festive dishes, and exchanging gifts. Log in today to join the celebrations!