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Havoc Update – LP Trading & Ship Balance

2024-02-20 - By EVE Online Team

Loyal capsuleers,

New Eden is constantly in motion, ever-evolving, impacted by corruption and suppression, and subjected to the havoc wrought in space and on the ground. A new update sees an influx of strategic enhancements, focusing on enriched Factional Warfare experience, quality of life improvements, and the much-requested return of Loyalty Point (LP) donations. Many of the changes being implemented are in direct response to community requests, specifically proposals for ship rebalancing via the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), which recently concluded its annual summit in Reykjavik.


Cooperation within corporations is a cornerstone of EVE Online, and the return of LP donations is a key step toward further fostering this vital aspect of gameplay. Since LP donations were paused following the release of the Havoc expansion for monitoring the new ecosystem, many groups & communities within the warzone and beyond have expressed a strong need to have this re-enabled sooner rather than later. The ecosystem will continue to be monitored, so in anticipation of the potential impact on the economy and to ensure a balanced environment, a future update will introduce a tax system to these transactions.

This enhancement is part of EVE's ongoing commitment to respond to community feedback and to refine the in-game experience, making cooperation not just a part of survival in New Eden but a thriving aspect of its rich, player-driven narrative.


The EVE community has pointed out myriad opportunities for rebalancing through the CSM, and this feedback has been instrumental in the changes implemented in the new update. In the spirit of fostering a more dynamic and competitive Factional Warfare environment, significant ship rebalances are being introduced to enrich capsuleers' strategic options in New Eden.

The essence of these changes lies in addressing the dominance of certain ships, such as the Exequror Navy Issue, Osprey Navy Issue, and Caracal, which have historically overshadowed their counterparts due to their superior range and damage capabilities. These vessels receive slight adjustments to ensure they don’t dramatically surpass the diversity of viable ships in their respective classes. Furthermore, the Bellicose and the Republic Fleet Firetail receive much-needed enhancements to affirm their place in the combat ecosystem.


Throughout the cluster, nuanced adjustments are being introduced to refine the PvP experience, particularly for veteran pilots. These tweaks, grounded in player input, aim to subtly enhance the strategic diversity and balance of ship performance, making engagements more dynamic without drastically altering the established combat landscape.

Marauders will experience a minor reduction in warp speed, a change designed to subtly affect their battlefield mobility. This adjustment opens up new tactical opportunities for adversaries, potentially allowing for more strategic isolation of marauders in conflict scenarios.

In the realm of command ships, enhancements focus on fostering a balanced distribution of roles and effectiveness. A modest increase in the range of command bursts by 50% is introduced to improve their operational flexibility in fleet settings, enhancing their support capabilities without overshadowing other fleet components. The Nighthawk and the Astarte receive slight modifications to promote balance and encourage diversity in PvP situations.

Entropic disintegrators, synonymous with Triglavian might, are adjusted to offer a more measured performance. The initial damage output is slightly reduced, with a compensatory increase in damage ramp-up per cycle.


Recent enhancements to the EVE Online Excel add-in empower players with even more advanced tools for corporation member tracking, market order analysis, and structured data management. These updates, including intuitive search functions for structures and stations as well as comprehensive insights into market dynamics, are designed to optimize data-driven decision-making in New Eden. Detailed patch notes and discussions can be found in the EVE Online forums. To facilitate a seamless integration of these new features, a sample worksheet is available, providing a practical starting point for data-hungry capsuleers to leverage the full potential of the Excel add-in.


EVE Online continues to evolve, with a focus on ensuring that the journey through New Eden is constantly improving. Whether through balance adjustments, quality-of-life improvements, or player-influenced alterations, the sandbox keeps expanding, and the sky is not the limit but merely the beginning.

Be sure to check out the patch notes for additional information about quality of life changes and bug fixes.