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Home Guard Dropships Reported Landing on Piak III

2008-05-02 - By Svarthol

Piak - Home Guard dropships have landed at the Armor Forge manufacturing facility on Piak III, deploying mechanized infantry to counter what is now being called a “hostage situation”. According to a statement released by Caldari Constructions, a rogue employee named Tibus Heth is blackmailing the corporation “at the expense of his own coworkers”, and is threatening to kill those inside unless his demands are met. However, hundreds of laborers have gathered outside the security perimeter in apparent support of the man, and unconfirmed reports are circulating that only management-level Constructions employees are being held inside against their will inside the facility. No statement has been issued yet by Kaalakiota, the parent company of Home Guard, regarding the show of force onsite. The Constructions Armor Forge, by far the largest planetary asset of the corporation, is believed to be a primary supplier of industrial starship components and heavy equipment to several mega-corporations.

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