Hours for PLEX temporarily disabled | EVE Online

Hours for PLEX temporarily disabled

2011-03-11 - By GM Grimmi

Hours for PLEX feature temporarily offline

CCP has just taken the newly-introduced Hours for PLEX feature offline. The Account Management option was added to provide a more convenient way for EVE Online players who need a few hours of game time added to an expired account, allowing them to log in, redeem PLEX, and keep their account active.

Subsequently, we discovered that the feature could potentially be abused in the CSM voting process, and have temporarily disabled the Hours for PLEX offer. In meantime, CCP is reverting to the older system that was previously in place for reverse-redeeming PLEX. Players with inactive accounts may file a petition for a temporary reactivation in order to add PLEX to an inactive account. 

We are currently evaluating the matter in order to determine to what extent, if any, this may have had on the CSM voting. An update will be posted when available.