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HYDRA RELOADED Wins Alliance Tournament IX

2011-06-20 - By Svarthol

HYDRA RELOADED has won Alliance Tournament IX.

An early loss to DarkSide. knocked Pandemic Legion out of the tournament in only the second match of the day. This loss opened the door to the championship and Outbreak. worked their way through to the Final where they faced HYDRA RELOADED who had effortlessly worked their way through as well.

The resultant fight was aggressive and brutal with Outbreak. taking an early lead. HYDRA caught up though as Outbreak. was concentrating on the HYDRA logistics ship. By match end, only a HYDRA Vindicator was left alone among the wreckage of 19 other ships.

All was not as it seemed though...

After the match, it was revealed that the Outbreak. team was actually an additional tournament entry of HYDRA RELOADED. As Duncan Tanner explains, “If people are wondering what the true final was, it was Darkside. versus Outbreak, that was the true final.” He refers to the last fight before the Final in which DarkSide. was defeated by Outbreak. This was confirmed by Zarathustra of Outbreak. who stated that "Everyone should realize this was one team that won first and second."

Tournament prizes include 50 copies of an Amarr-hulled heavy assault ship called the Vangel and 120 billion ISK awarded to HYDRA RELOADED, and 50 copies of an Amarr-hulled assault ship called the Malice plus 50 billion ISK to Outbreak..

If what HYDRA and Outbreak. participants say is accurate about being one and the same team, this means that HYDRA RELOADED may now have as many as 150 ultra-rare ships (including last year's 2nd prize Utu assault ship blueprints) and close to 200 billion ISK in their war chest.

Match reports and statistics are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website.

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