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Impetus Reaches Rebroadcast Agreement With Minmatar Government

2008-09-21 - By Svarthol

Pator - Officials from both the Minmatar government and the Gallente entertainment corporation Impetus yesterday announced that the two sides had reached an agreement for the rebroadcast rights of the Sanmatar inauguration ceremony. Impetus also announced that negotiations for exclusive rights to future events were in their final stages.

"Impetus has a long history of production, marketing, and distribution," said Stalm Corinder, speaking on behalf of the Minmatar government. "Their expertise and experience will allow all people -- not just Minmatar -- to relive this historic event through their high-quality recordings."

Not all Minmatar citizens agree with the decision. Many have expressed concern that their government made a deal with a Gallente corporation instead of utilizing resources from within the Minmatar Republic. "There are plenty of broadcast resources in the Republic," one concerned citizen said. "They may not be as large or as famous as Impetus, but they're Minmatar, and that's what matters."