Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2003-05-07 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Improvements, 1000 - 1002


  • Skill training works correctly - no longer is there an issue with it not completing properly.

Agents & Missions

  • Adding more market supply/demand criteria for agent item selection, and improved the agent systems interpretation of market data in general.


  • Chance of pirates to warp scramble has been added.


  • Show escape pods killed in the last hour now works, even if there have been no kills ( used to hang ).
  • Combat Drones are now not LODded out too fast.
  • Sentry guns have had a free firmware upgrade and will no longer pod players.


  • Autopilot no longer undocks your ship when active.
  • Frame rate in space vastly improved


  • Scan speed/strenght changes: The 4 newbie ships have had their scan speed decreased, targeting will take a bit longer with them. Incursus has had it's scan speed increased a bit to a proper value for a fast and an agressive frigate.
  • Decreased CPU for probe and imicus, increased CPU for bantam and tormenter
  • Re-enabled shield uniformity

Bug Fixes, 1000 - 1002

  • Use characters name in tutorial text
  • NPC's: need some changes to NPC command behavior on attacking and defending
  • Fittings: Ammo will remain behind after the gun is moved away
  • Gang: When a player is kicked from a Gang, they retain the Gang Chat window, and will receive exception errors if they attempt to use or close it.
  • Feature Request: Region and Race chat channels independent of corp
  • Expired 1st mission still passed as non expired
  • Station, Belt, Gate Icons Inaccurate
  • Map: Using the mouse-wheel to zoom in will result in a blank map at the closest zoom level.
  • "You are here" sprite moves out of main market starmap window
  • Ship Control Interface: Some changes
  • Bookmarks: When a bookmark for an arbitrary area in space (designated by specific X,Y,Z coordinates) is sent to another player, the coordinates change to reflect the other player's location.
  • Corporation: If the user makes and then resigns from a corporation (within the same session), their corporation window will not appear correctly.