Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2003-09-18 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Bug Fixes


  • We temporarily removed the agent missions which give implants as a reward due to an exploit.
  • The "unable to load my petitions" bug has been fixed
  • Added the texel alignment slider back into the configuration UI. Most people shouldn't have to use this anymore, but some driver / hardware combinations require you to tweak this a bit for the text ingame to be readable.
  • Fixed the tooltips which weren't loading up correctly.
  • Fixed the system menu startup lag
  • There was a crash which occured when the player tried opening the configuration UI in some circumstances (escape menu). This issue should be fixed.
  • Fixed the problem with autoscrolling to the bottom of the channel when switching between channels (with tabs)
  • Patch info is now fetched from a web server like the news, instead of being coded into the client.