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Inconsistencies in news piece - Hamish of Ushra'Khan straightens them out

2005-02-24 - By Svarthol

Hamish of the Tribal Trust of Pator issued a statement regarding the latest news piece involving the Ushra'Khan alliance, a Minmatar freedom fighter organisation. I have chosen to re-print the statement in full. You can find the original piece on the GalNet forums here.

"I would just like to correct some misunderstandings that seem to have snuck into the piece. First I'd like to point out that the reporter in question was present for the escort at our invitation and was provided with information and access to involved parties if she had any further questions. Wink

The Imperial Issue Armageddon is NOT currently in the posession of Tribal Trust of Pator and Ushra'Khan, it remains in the hands of its owner Icarus Starkiller. (Until Friday the 4th of March Very Happy)

The escort we provided our good friend Icarus, through a great deal of Amarr Empire space from Tividu to Pator as he piloted the great vessel was not a show of defiance as the respected Interstellar Correspondent Emilianne Bouteiller dramatically proclaimed it, rather a show of respect to him and the nobility of his intentions.

The hand-off ceremony has not yet taken place (and was never planned to so soon) due to bureaucratic scheduling between all involved parties, as well as the need for tight security due to the considerable interest our enemies the Amarrians and others are expected to have in this event.

Finally I'd like to thank the reporter for the interest she's shown in our efforts and bringing our war on Amarr closer to the eyes of the public." There you have it. Our apologies for the mistake.