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Increased Pirate Activity Sparks Reaction From All Sides

2004-11-21 - By Svarthol

Recent increased pirate activity, as glimpsed with the ArchAngel incursion into Minmatar space, have resulted in a reaction from corporations galaxy wide. Inside sources have stated that incursions into empire controlled territories by pirate forces have been on the rise for several weeks, with many innocent citizens suffering in the attacks. In light of this, corporations are beginning to take steps to have higher seniority agents available to pilots who they consider ready to face this new challenge.

In a press release earlier today, The Caldari Navy was the first to announce the launch of this new program. Most other corporations soon followed their example with their own press releases. A spokesman for Interbus was quoted as saying, "This is not only an opportunity for our elite level fighters, but for our dedicated courier runners as well. There will be an increased demand for such work as more supplies are needed and current contractors find the space lanes too risky to venture into."

Concord quickly responded to the news with it's own press release on the subject, warning pilots of the inherent dangers in going after these more dangerous pirate groups. "While we welcome the help in overcoming these incursions, we strongly recommend that pilots band together to deal with these increased threats. These groups are no laughing matter, and solo pilots could find that they have bitten off more than they can chew."