EVE Online: Inferno to be deployed on Tuesday, May 22nd | EVE Online

EVE Online: Inferno to be deployed on Tuesday, May 22nd

2012-05-22 - By CCP Guard

EVE Online: Inferno is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, May 22nd. The deployment downtime will begin at 09:00 UTC and is scheduled until 12:3013:00 UTC. No website downtime is scheduled.

The war-themed summer expansion promises to ignite conflict and settle scores across the EVE Universe.

A whole new war declaration system with new War Reports will document your legacy and keep track of your progress in war while new interactive Kill Reports will make each kill that much sweeter. A new Ally System allows you to call in allies to fight along your side in a more formal way than before. Factional Warfare has been completely revitalized and made more rewarding than ever. New modules have been added, ships have been re-designed and re-balanced and EVE’s User Interface continues to be upgraded and improved. The cherry on top are the new missile launchers launchers and missile effects which look absolutely stunning.

For more information about EVE Online: Inferno, please visit the Inferno Feature Page, and the patch notes page.