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Information on Hyasyoda Explosion Released; Company Announces Restructuring Plan

2008-11-12 - By Svarthol

Rajateri Zehiman, one-time Deputy Vice-President of Public Relations for Hyasyoda, today provided reporters with information regarding recent reports of an explosion at a Hyasyoda facility in the Urlen system. "It was a secret project. [CEO Ahtonen] Osmon was obsessed with the creation of new mining laser technology. A significant amount of ISK was diverted from other company projects to secure funding.

"The project's leaders were secretive and paranoid," said Zehiman, "and getting worse with every rumor about ORE's development of another capital ship. Few people outside the Urlen station knew about it. When something went wrong in the research lab, Public Relations was instructed, in no uncertain terms, to ignore everything: the research, the project, the people, even the explosion."

When asked about his reasons for leaving Hyasyoda and divulging classified corporate information, Mr. Zehiman responded, "I couldn't stomach covering up the death of hundreds of scientists and workers, and the silent failure of a costly project. The only way to take a stand was to leave Hyasyoda and tell my story, and hope the New Meritocracy rewards my honor."

Hyasyoda has yet to reveal what led to the explosion or the extent of the damage it caused, but made other news today by announcing a massive corporate restructuring due to "unforeseen market changes" and "reduced working capital." All Hyasyoda divisions have been directed to examine costs and evaluate projects, and to expect substantial downsizing. CEO Ahtonen Osmon and other Hyasyoda executives refused requests for an interview.