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Initiative Mercenaries Claim 13 Systems in a Week

2010-11-08 - By Svarthol

JGW-OT, Catch - In the early hours of 03.11.112, Initiative Mercenaries [IM] claimed several systems in the 6JCS-4 constellation of Catch and now hold all but two systems in this constellation. The captured systems were previously held by Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.].

The Initiative. is currently the primary sovereignty holder in Catch, claiming three more outposts in the NNLX-K constellation. This activity appears to mark the end of Against ALL Authorities' sovereignty in Catch, at least for the time being.

In the last month, .-A-. has lost all space in Catch, due to an invasion spearheaded by [INIT.] and their allies. l3VGV, CEO of Rage and Terror, an Against ALL Authorities corporation, stated "...We [were] punished for helping ATLAS. [When ATLAS collapsed] much of [them] joined our [current] enemies..." She added, however, "Catch will be ours again."

This comes on the heels of a string of sovereingty claims by Initiative Mercenaries, with 13 new claims arising in a single week, growing their territory to nearly 40 systems.

Attempts to contact repesentatives from The Initiative. and Initiative Mercenaries have been unsuccessful at this time.

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