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Intaki Assembly Requests FDU Ceasefire

2010-03-04 - By Svarthol

Intaki - In a brief press conference directed primarily at FDU and independent capsuleers, the Intaki Assembly today requested that all loyalist captains cease hostilities against Ishukone and Mordu's Legion vessels in Intaki space.

The Intaki spokesman stated that vessels belonging to the Ishukone Corporation and Mordu's Legion are "present in Intaki at the specific and un-coerced request of the Assembly," adding that "any captains detaining or destroying such vessels are acting directly against the interests of the Intaki people as determined by this Assembly, and further are viewed as committing acts of piracy."

She did clarify that, "Ishukone corporation is permitted to operate only civilian vessels in the system, and Ishukone Watch is explicitly excluded from entry under the terms of the Agreement." Mordu's Legion, however, has been afforded complete military access, subject to command oversight from the civilian Assembly.