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Interstellar community anxious about future

2003-09-19 - By Svarthol

The recent news about the death of Heideran VII, Emperor to the Amarrians, has sent shockwaves throughout the universe of EVE. Markets are tumbling and experts predict it will take them several days, even weeks, to recover. But mostly people are anxious to know who will succeed Heideran. Five heirs will vie for the throne, with the most likely candidates being Doriam Kor-Azor and Jamyl Sarum. The two represent the opposite sides within Amarrian political life, with Kor-Azor leader of the liberal peace-party that wants to renovate the Amarr Empire to move it closer to the other nations, while Sarum heads the belligerent war-party that wants to renew the Reclaiming and 'place the empire where it belongs; as the master state in the universe of EVE', as they put it. Yet the other three candidates can not be discarded, the Kador family embodies the imperial grandeur of the Amarr while steering a moderate middle-ground; Idonis Ardishapur is a charismatic leader that may very well seem the ideal choice to the conservative elements of the empire and the Tash-Murkon family has amassed great wealth since being elevated into heir status and their money can buy many favors. Political analysts have already started debating who will succeed, but the only thing they can agree on is that the eventual choice will have great bearings on the future of the whole world of EVE.