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Interstellar Services Department Volunteer of the Year, 2005

2005-09-08 - By kieron

Every so often, I have a topic worthy of a Dev Blog. Whereas the Blogs written by the Devs are generally game related, mine tend to be about community related events and the like. Very rarely do I have the opportunity to Blog about the Interstellar Services Department (ISD) volunteer teams and the work that they do. This is one of those times.

When the FanFest for 2005 was announced, Oveur and I decided to recognize a Volunteer of the Year. The tough part was choosing that vol. All of the volunteers bring something to ISD and are special in their own way. Each one of them is worthy of recognition for volunteering to do an often thankless task.

ISD currently stands at about 120 volunteers across the 4 teams, and each team lead selects a Volunteer of the Month. In addition to enjoying the accolades of a 'job well done' from his or her peers, the vol also gets to spend some credits in the EVE Store. All of these winners were eligible for Vol of the Year.

To further narrow down the field, the managers of each team picked a Vol of the Year finalist from the Vol of the Month recipients. That left me with 4 finalists and a very hard choice to make. In the end, Oveur and I discussed the finalists and made the decision.

The 3 runners-up will each receive 75 credits in the EVE Store as well as an official piece of CCP Concept art. They are:

  • aSp, Aurora
  • Virrago, Bug Hunters
  • Zhuge Liang, CRC

ISD's Vol of the Year has been with the team since October of 2003. She has met or exceeded her duties, is responsible for training new STAR members and maintains a high presence in both Help and Rookie Help Channels. She exercises initiative and embodies dedication and integrity. She was also recently promoted to Captain (Lead) in STAR and will enjoy a 3 night FanFest package from CCP.

The Interstellar Services Department Volunteer of the Year, 2005 is

**Libertina of STAR**

Congratulations to Libertina, aSp, Virrago and Zhuge Liang. Thanks to all of ISD for their time and efforts.