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Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to manage sacked trade Outpost

2006-04-12 - By Svarthol

PURE BLIND. Following last week's successful siege of the EC-P8R solar system, which saw the TRUST outpost Viribus Unitis fall to an allied coalition led by Band of Brothers; the coalition has announced that they will allow the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to take over management of the outpost.
TRUST announced their disbanding on the same day stating the events of last week and the sceptical view on their neutrality as the reasons.

Last Friday morning, Count TaSessine explained that the allied coalition - which comprised of Band of Brothers, Ascendant Frontier, The Forsaken Empire, The Five and Axiom Empire-, had seen fit to offer control of the outpost to the ISS. The mail reason being their neutrality towards all citizens of EVE, regardless of political alignment, everybody is welcome to use the outpost. He went on to say that the ISS would accept this proposal “as a vote of confidence” and that the outpost, formerly known as Viribus Unitis would be renamed ISS Cassini and would remain open to the public, being subject to the same rules as other ISS outposts. This would include denial of docking privileges to pilots whose factions have repeatedly violated ISS no-fire zone policy in their outpost systems, effectively barring Band of Brothers and other alliances within the coalition from using the ISS Cassini.

Taking the time to speak in an interview on Friday afternoon, Count TaSessine said that the coalition had approached him with the proposition as a way of keeping the outpost public. “They wanted it to become a public outpost, no strings attached,” remarking that he thought this was “because we [ISS] are the only true neutral faction in EVE.” Following the announcement, a number of individuals on the GalNet have openly criticized the ISS for its decision to accept the proposition and take over the Outpost. Commenting on these remarks and how he felt the move affected the EVE populace’s view of ISS’s neutrality, Count TaSessine said: “I think people will see that these alliances consider ISS a true civilian company, which can under the right circumstances co-exist with the territorial alliances in EVE. In any case the alternative is that the coalition keeps the outpost and closes it off, this way everyone benefits.”

Speaking on behalf of TRUST, Phoenix Pryde of Infinite Improbability Inc commented on the announcement that ISS would manage their former outpost: “TRUST acknowledges ISS as a truly neutral entity. And because of this they are in the position to manage Viribus Unitis in the spirit it was meant to run.” He went on to explain that they were somewhat disappointed that TRUST’s neutrality had not been widely accepted by the capsuleer community. Later giving his own opinions on why he felt the coalition led by BoB had attacked their outpost and shipyards in EC-P8R, he stated: “It seems that their main problem… was in fact just the Capital Yards, and the possibility of TRUST supplying these ships to the public.” Following this interview, Phoenix Pride announced TRUST’s dissolution as an official alliance, citing the past week’s events as one of the reasons.

Shrike of Band of Brothers also spoke in an interview on behalf of the coalition, where she explained that the group’s decision to offer the outpost to the ISS had been because they were the “only neutral entity that had a chance of actually keeping it.” She went on to comment on the decision of the ISS to bar Band of Brothers and other no-fire zone violators within the coalition from the outpost, saying “we knew it, and accept it” remarking that the move exemplified the neutral stance of ISS. As a parting comment, Shrike pointed out that the former TRUST corporations had formed an alliance with those of G alliance, who had also disbanded over the weekend: “Seeing the aftermath and the ripple effects, and where the TRUST corps now resides, it’s very clear that they WERE G's industrial side.”

The EC-P8R outpost was officially handed over on Saturday evening, and for the time being, remains neutral under the management of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate.