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Interstellar Threats on the Rise

2005-04-05 - By Svarthol

According to a bi-monthly report submitted by the DED’s Observation and Analysis Subcommittee yesterday, the numbers of illegal deadspace outposts harboring dangerous elements are steadily increasing on the fringes of CONCORD-policed space. The Guristas and Sansha’s Nation are among the criminal organizations known to be building new outposts in various locations along the divide of the outer rim frontier.

Centus Sansha, the Nation’s wing of deadspace operatives, have according to the report built the first of a new type of True Power complex, the first of Sansha’s outposts to be branded a Level 10 on the DED’s Threat Assessment scale. Additionally, Gurista leaders have reportedly authorized a schematic for a new type of penal complex which the organization intends to build in several locations.

The report brought some good news as well. Due in no small part to consistent raids by capsuleer fighter pilots and empire navy forces, the resources of the Angels and the Serpentis have been weakened, leaving some of their most powerful strongholds in a somewhat weakened state. The DED has publicly commended the tireless efforts of capsuleer organizations to this end and remains firm in the belief that with their help, the tide of intergalactic crime may continue to be stemmed.