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Interview With An Empire Mercenary Corporation

2007-11-30 - By Svarthol

Empire mercenary corporations provide an interesting and valuable service to their clients in New Eden. We take a look at the workings of one of them in an interview with their leaders.

The Interstellar Correspondents managed to obtain an interview with Gabrial1, Hans Gates and Jezala of Repo Industries during which origin, organization and contracts was discussed. During the interview of the three CEOs, it was an engaging and informative look at a thriving example of this niche industry.

Ameron Silent: Gabrial11, I must say people are impressed on the things about Repo Industries an would like to know more from the force behind it as your foes and friends all hold you in high regard

Gabrial1: Thank you, we try to do good work and have a good time doing it we try to maintain a good relation ship with both it helps recruiting and future contracts.

Ameron Silent: Can you tell us how Repo Industries came about?

Gabrial1: A group of us pilots decided to group together and try our hand at the mercenary business. After about two or three months we saw potential in it and decided to get a little more serious about it.

Ameron Silent: So the true potential for it became known then.

Ameron Silent: What would you say has been its success in lasting as long and creating the name it has?

Gabrial1: I believe it is a few things, selective recruiting being one, we are a team and a group of friends who want to survive and make ISK only through PVP. So we only accept likeminded pod pilots with high proficiency in the art of pod combat that are very aggressive that can work in a team environment and be self motivating.

Ameron Silent: What was it like in your early days where you used as fodder, for idealism, revenge, what helped shape you back then?

Gabrial1: It was very simple we were flying with a small group of us that had been together for years.

Ameron Silent: Some mercenary corps fight for Idealism and ISK and some for straight ISK, what do you fight for?

Gabrial1: Honestly we fight for fun and the ISK benefit.

Ameron Silent: What would be Repo's greatest assignment to date?

Gabrial1: Novus Ordos Seclorum I believe it was called. At that time Repo had broken one small empire alliance. we set our sights on NOS as we saw a vulnerability with them since they were indirectly getting attacked in 0.0. We exploited every opportunity and wore them down over about a month.

Ameron Silent: So this was done without a sponsor then?

Gabrial1: Yes it was an in corp operation just to see if we could do it. It stood out because we saw when they disbanded that we really were as a small corp a very big player if we did things right.

Ameron Silent: What about the worst assignment then?

Gabrial1: Other than the dreaded target corp staying docked and not wishing to engage us.

Ameron Silent: How did the name Repo come about?

Gabrial1: Jezala thought of the name, however the ticker MUCC was a joke geared towards Hans Gates and myself.

Ameron Silent: How so, MUCC at 1st glance make me think of mud or muck?

Gabrial1: Years ago Hans Gates and I were the semi carebear type and we met each other in this mining corp named mining unlimited the ticker was MUC.

Ameron Silent: So it was a return to your roots per say then?

Gabrial1: It was Jezala's way of making fun of Hans and I.I have actually petitioned the ticker hoping to get it changed to Repo. MUCC seems to confuse people.

Ameron Silent: For clients, do you take contracts from individual pod pilots to Alliance?

Gabrial1: Yes we accept contracts from anyone with ISK.

Ameron Silent: What fee and time limit is normally set?

Gabrial1: We don’t like taking flat rate contracts we prefer pay per kill. If we aren’t fulfilling the clients needs he doesn’t have to pay if we kill many of them we make more ISK. It inspires our members to get kills.

Ameron Silent: Ok, so using a per kill method then this can make it easier to prevent another corp from buying you out of a contract then?

Hans Gates: We have never been bought out of a contract, we have however accepted surrender fees from leaving corps. Mainly for us not to pursue.

Jezala: To be honest, I don't think anyone has really ever tried buying out our contract.

Hans Gates: Most clients, look for a certain target, or complete destruction.

Gabrial1: I have been approached by a target leader who wanted to pay me more than the client was paying. We believe it would be unethical and bad business to ever except such a thing for any amount of ISK. The target wanted us to retract war on them and target our client.

Ameron Silent: Ever have a problem with clients?

Hans Gates: To be honest, I have killed 2 current clients while on contract for them.

Ameron Silent: You had to terminate 2 clients? Why for?

Hans Gates: They were clients in the wrong place wrong time.

Ameron Silent: This did not hurt the wallet?

Jezala: It's how we've structured our business....normally only the contracting officer knows the identity of the client.

Gabrial1: we have a contract officer and most of the time neither Jezala, Hans nor myself do not even know the client.

Ameron Silent: I can see how that may cause a accident. I hope that did not hurt the wallet.

Hans Gates: Nope, we got another contract from him shortly after.

Ameron Silent: In Jezala’s bio "I am a BOB pet" is that your view or a corp view?

Both Hans Gates and Gabrial1 laugh at this idea.

Hans Gates: It was a statement on the forums.

Hans Gates: Jez seems to have liked it.

Ameron Silent: So it is a joke?

Jezala: Hehe, when the Providence campaign started we were being accused of being hired by BoB.

Ameron Silent: Then a mercenaries you stand alone.

Gabrial1: Yes we are totally independent.

Hans Gates: We do however know a lot of pod pilots, and can call on some assistance if needed.

Ameron Silent: Your reputation is very good, for being one of the hundreds of Corps in the Mercenary field. Good Hunting