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Introducing the New Eden Recreational Feed

2024-04-01 - By EVE Online Team

Revered capsuleers,

A new era dawns in New Eden with the launch of New Eden Recreational Feed (NERF), a revolutionary addition to the EVE launcher. This exclusive overlay introduces a collection of EVE Universe apps, transforming the way you interact with the game. From immersive lore to real-time updates, NERF puts the universe of EVE at your fingertips, merging gameplay with a rich digital entertainment experience.

The New Eden Recreational Feed is also highly customizable. Maybe you want to NERF wormhole space, while others may want to NERF nullsec! With the New Eden Recreational Feed, you can NERF anything you want.

Rebel Radio


ACN (Amarr Certified News)


Your go-to player for rebellious beats across the cosmos. From the depths of Minmatar space to the luxurious lounges of the Gallente Federation, tune in to the sounds of New Eden.

Dive into the vast universe of EVE with Readnought, your premier digital reader. From historical chronicles to the latest galactic news, knowledge is power and power is everything.

The divine word of the Empire, now in video format. Witness the glory of Amarr and stay informed with celestial decrees and holy mandates.

Capture and share your EVE moments with Instalock. From victorious fleet battles to serene cosmic vistas, let your snapshots inspire the universe.


E (Echoes of New Eden)



The Gallente Federation's premier online marketplace. Whether you're outfitting a new ship or indulging in luxury goods, Fedmart is your one-stop shop.

Stay connected with the latest tweets from the stars. E is your source for real-time updates, gossip, and galactic discourse.

Unlock the secrets of the stars! CapsuLearn is your trusty co-pilot on a voyage through the knowledge cosmos. From zero to hero, this app propels you through learning adventures that are out of this world.

Master the markets with Excel. From resource management to industrial output, ensure your empire runs as efficiently as your spacecraft.

Outback AIR



Divinity Social

Turn your spacefaring experience on its head. Outback AIR gives you a Down Under perspective on the cluster, encouraging a deeper engagement with the cosmos.

Set your sights on the stars and beyond with GalaxSee, your ultimate celestial roadmap. Navigate through New Eden's vast expanse with ease, from the bustling trade hubs to the most secluded wormholes. Whether you're plotting a safe course or seeking the thrill of unknown space, GalaxSee is your window to the wonders of the cosmos. Don't just explore the galaxy, see it!

Join the conversation with fellow capsuleers on PodBoard. Share, discuss, and contribute to the community.

Connect with your fellow pilots on Divinity Social. Share your triumphs, your losses, and everything in-between.

NERF is available for free for the next 24 hours for all capsuleers but will become a part of Omega Pro Max, the new visionary subscription tier designed to elevate your EVE Online experience to unprecedented heights. As part of this elite tier, you'll enjoy unparalleled access to EVE's new digital frontier, making your launcher the only app you'll need for gaming and entertainment.

Omega Pro Max is more than a subscription. It's a commitment to providing capsuleers with a comprehensive platform that enriches every aspect of their time in New Eden. This is your chance to be part of something groundbreaking, to redefine your gaming experience, and to discover an EVE Online that's more engaging and entertaining than ever before.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Activate your NERF preview today and step into the future with Omega Pro Max. The ultimate EVE experience awaits.

For the stars,

The CCP Team

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