From Friendship to Relationship | EVE Online

From Friendship to Relationship

2022-04-01 - By EVE Online Team

Lovestricken Capsuleers,

The only ship better than the friendship is the relationship and who says that relationship can’t be forged with your fellow Capsuleer? New Eden might be better known for killmails than love letters, but that’s about to change soon with Upwell Divinity Social, the new way to meet love among the stars.

Divinity Social is a new multidimensional dating experience for EVE players, old and new. Simply log into the app and choose your preferences to meet and connect with like-minded Capsuleers from across the cluster in the world’s first MMO-centric dating app.

By leveraging EVE’s depth and complexity, Divinity Social will be a gamechanger in the dating scene by comparing your EVE Online character to potential matches. Just like how you would fit your ship in EVE Online, you will be able to fit your profile for love. Simply select your favorite EVE activities, fit them to your profile, and let Divinity roam for content all the way from Outer Passage to Delve. No more long-nights stuck with a Highsec care bear!

Strike or be struck on Divinity Social over at

A Match Made in the Abyss

Prove your connection and put your Divinity Social match to the test in the Cruiser Chaos FFA Proving Grounds, starting today and running until 5 April! Because nothing says I love you like a killmail.

This special Proving Grounds event pits you against three other Capsuleers in a chaos era unlike ever before! Either work together or hit them hard and see what they’re truly made of.

All participating ships will be afflicted with one of the following unique bonuses. The winning Capsuleers will be those who can identify and adapt to their environment quickly.

  • Chaos Bonus A: +100% Ship Velocity, +100% Ship Inertia, +100% Capacitor Capacity.
  • Chaos Bonus B: +50% Shield and Armor Hitpoints, +50% Turret and Missile Damage.
  • Chaos Bonus C: +100% Stasis Webifier Range, +50% Turret Optimal and Falloff, +50% Missile Flight Time, +50% Ship Mass.
  • Chaos Bonus D: +5000 Hull Hitpoints, -50% Module Heat Damage from Overheating, +100% benefits gained from overheating Tackle Modules, Propulsion Modules, Repair Modules, Resistance Modules, Energy Warfare Modules, Turrets, and Launchers.

The arena will also feature new Mystery Nexuses which will provide massive buffs or debuffs to nearby ships when approached. Does your fit not mesh well with the arena-wide bonus? Maybe a Mystery Nexus will give you the edge you need to pull through!

  • Mystery Nexus Buffs: +50% Ship Velocity, -75% Ship Inertia, -75% Capacitor Recharge Time, -50% Signature Radius, +50% Turret and Missile Damage
  • Mystery Nexus Debuffs: -25% Ship Velocity, +100% Ship Inertia, +50% Capacitor Recharge Time, +25% Signature Radius, -25% Turret and Missile Damage

As with all Proving Grounds, ship and module choices are limited. For the Cruiser Chaos event you can pick from the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, and Rupture. Modules are also limited to meta 0, meaning you can fit the Warp Scrambler I, but not the Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler.

Sensor Dampeners, Weapon Disruptors, Shield Rechargers, Shield Power Relays, Shield Flux Coils, and Core Defense Field Purgers are banned in this format. Ships entering this Proving Grounds may have a maximum of one local repair module fitted (shield or armor).

Regardless if you win or die trying, a repeatable event will be running to help fund your destruction. If you deal at least 4,000 damage to other ships during the event you will receive 10m ISK. There will also be an Agency reward track running with the Proving Grounds – the more you fight, the more SKINs and boosters you can win.

So, whether it’s killmails or love letters that you’re looking for in New Eden, there’s always something waiting for you. Head into the Proving Grounds, or onto Divinity Social and let your passion run wild!