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Introducing Your CSM X Candidates!

2015-02-20 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce (a little earlier than anticipated) the list of approved candidates for the CSM X election.

In total we have 77 approved candidates that are viewable here for your consideration when voting. In total, we had an even 100 apllications for candidacy, with two failing to meet the requirements of the security check, and twenty one failing to send in a copy of their verified identity by the time candidacy closed. They were therefore not included in the final list of candidates.

77 candidates is a lot to pick from, so we suggest that you use Vote-Match, produced by former CSM member Diedra Vaal if you are not sure which candidates your interests align with. Vote-Match can be found here, and should be active with a full, updated list of candidates on February 24th.

Voting for CSM X begins on Wednesday, February 25th, so be sure to check out the list of candidates and make your selection. For further information on how to vote, and key dates surrounding the CSM X elections, see this blog by CCP Leeloo.